Don’t Sweat it

I was given some wise advise once

Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things” and it’s worked out pretty well so far.

What I’m trying to say is, essentially, it’s not that big of a deal.

During the exam period , whether is college finals or the leaving cert, most of us exhibit signs of stress.
Me? I eat.

And then I eat, and then I eat some more.

But lots of people can’t sleep , lose weight, experience nausea and panic attacks , the list goes on, needless to say at the time of said exam it’s easy to feel like our future is dependent on this exam, and its true! –  It might have an effect on your future, but yknow what? So does everything you do, who you befriend, what school you go to, where you go to college, what you have for breakfast. You get my drift, in the game of life its all relative.

But since I understand the stress I’m going to give you some tips that worked for me

1. Perspective.

This one is a hard one , but try to see things for how they really are. At the end of the day and exam is just an exam, if it doesn’t go so well 9 times out of 10 there’s a back door to achieving what you want to achieve without this exam , or normally in college there’s a chance to repeat. Second chances are easier to come by than you think.
2. Don’t talk to friends after the exam.

This one was imperative for me. As soon as we were allowed to leave , I kept my head down and made a dramatic bee line for the exit , there’s nothing worse than hearing how easy someone found an exam, or how you answered something differently, or took a question a different way.
3. Study at your own rate.

Spent 7 hours watching a series of the walking dead? Yep, been there. It happens , taking a few hours off and coming back much later isn’t a bad thing , but what is damaging is listening to that girl go on and on about how she started studying 7 months before the exam and spends 12 hours a day studying , let me just tell you , no she doesn’t. People often embellish what they’ve been doing – just stay away from the ‘friends’ that convince you that you aren’t doing enough.
4. Break break break.

They say that you’re full unwavering attention can only be given in 20 minute periods , so don’t feel the need to study for 3 hours and take a half an hour , if studying for 40 mins and taking a 10 minute break often works better for absorbing information.

I know this one is tricky , coming from the girl who got about 6 hours in two days before exams , but I can’t stress the importance of this one enough. Sleep is vital before an exam , try to get 6/7 hours the night before the exam and put the books down at a reasonable hour, no one can sit and exam with an exhausted brain no matter how many hours you’ve put in studying the material.

So, take a breather, force things into perspective and things mightn’t look so stressful!


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