Snaps for Apps!

Me and technology don’t vibe.

I don’t enjoy having my phone on me at all times, I don’t appreciate the way Instagram can airbrush people’s lives and put a filter on reality and I don’t like the way you can buy followers on social media, implying there’s a link between how well you’re doing at life by how many likes you can manage for a selfie. God that was a long sentence.

So technology has paved the way for a lot of crappy things (that I hate that I like to use), and while there’s definitely a dark side to living on our phones, there are some free apps out there that are designed to help with our mental health and are geared towards creating a stress free environment. So let’s talk about them for a change.

Which leads me onto something I downloaded recently – Headspace.

Headspace is a wonderful app designed to help you with your mental health by taking ten minutes a day , for ten days to focus on de-stressing.

The app teaches you the importance of taking just ten minutes of me-time, to reflect on you and your mind, to allow yourself to locate stress, to stay thoughtless for the time, or to allow your mind to flood with thoughts in a relaxed setting – coupled with the God damn softest English accent in the world. I think he was sent from heaven.

This app encourages a break from the day in the fullest sense of the word. All you need is inner willingness, a chair and a space where it won’t look weird for you close your eyes, i,e Not in the middle of a meeting, or driving, operating machinery…. you get my drift.

With your voice from heaven as your guide you’re taken through a series of mini cartoons along with meditation and general advice over a period of ten minutes for ten days, which means all your giving to the entire app is one hour, which really isn’t alot of time to devote to yourself.

So if you’re stuck between using your last bit of memory on Snapchat or Headspace, my advice? Go on, invest in your mental health.



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