Why can’t you sleep?

To kick off my first article, I’ll be talking about something we quite literally cannot live without.

Stress can affect us in so many ways, eating too little, comfort eating, mood swings and one of the most common – sleepless nights.

Three or four hours of broken sleep before an exam is typical, even to be expected – but what happens when your sleepless nights turn into sleepless weeks?

On average, an adult should get between 7.5-8 hours of REM cycle sleep, but can function normally on 6. Not sleeping properly can effect all area’s of life, including relationships, concentrating in work or school, if exhaustion sets in driving or operating machinery becomes inherently dangerous, not to mention the frustration of consistently wishing for just one good sleep. It’s like operating at 10% all day.

So what can we do?

First off, it could be something simple – like that thing attached to your hand. Stop facebook stalking and double tapping before trying to sleep. Phone’s emit a blue light which can affect the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that helps us sleep. And besides if you leave it on your pillow, it genuinely could melt your pillow, no shade Samsung.

Power down before bedtime. Not technologically, but mentally. If your mind is going a mile a minute and cant settle down, write a list of the things you’re thinking about. Whether its a todo list or something you’re worried about, simply writing it down can relax yor mind. Try to quiet your mind through meditation, music, practice  deep breaths, or read a good book with some lavender tea.

Set an alarm, and slowly add ten minutes at a time. Record on average how many hours of sleep you get per night and slowly set the alarm forward by ten minutes each time, training yourself to sleep a little more every night.

If none of the above work, or nothing you’ve tried at home is helping, don’t be afraid to seek help, either through medication of therapy to help get a good night’s sleep!



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