Hey guys!

So to get started, this is just a quick introduction on the type of content you can expect from my lovely, new, shiny site.

To give you a quick background of yours truly,  my name is Abby, I’m 22 years old and about to embark about round 2 of college! More specifically a Corporate centered Law Masters.

Now anyone who has studied a law degree, any degree, attended college, went to school or left their house today will know that life has many trials and tribulations. Stress is something that is affecting our generation, arguably more than the ones that have come before us, in a very negative way.

And that’s where this site comes in!

I’ve tried everything from yoga, to diets to daily meditation to help me de-stress and I can say with some success that I have a good idea of what works.

So, accordingly my site will be made up of a few different components, including attempting to live a Zen life through diet and other remedies, how we can help ourselves, how we can help others, make up and skin care, recipes general fitness and well being, mental health along with a few rants thrown in here and there.

If you’re interested – stick around for new articles every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!

Love, Abby.




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